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VRCC Community Center and Pools FAQs
1.       Why do we have a safety break at the VRCC Pool?
The safety break at the top of every hour is to ensure safety of not only the children at the pool but the lifeguards as well.  Kids need to take a break from the water and the guards need to take a break as well.  This is a recommendation of the American Red Cross , this is not something that we do simply because we want it done.
2.     How does the Lap Swim Work at the Skyline Pool, am I allowed to bring my infant or toddler?
The lap swim hours at the Skyline Pool are for kids and adults swimming laps ONLY. No children no matter what their age will be allowed in the pool unless doing laps.  Children, however are allowed to enter the facility and can stay on the pool deck while their parents swim.
3.     Is the Skyline Pool an Adult Only Pool?
NO! The Skyline pool is open to all ages however, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
4.       How are the hours of operation for the Community Center and pools determined?
Our hours and days of operation are determined by the usage of the facility and pools, and feedback from residents. The Board of Directors and homeowner committees review these numbers on an annual basis and determine the hours for the next year.  The hours and days of operation are NOT determined by employees . This is why it is so important to check in so usage can be tracked or to join one of the committees.
5.     When do the pools open and close for the season?
Our pools open and summer hours are from the Saturday before Memorial Day to Labor Day.  We also reduce our pool hours in August once school starts and the usage of both community pools drops significantly during the day.
6.     Why do we have to pay for guests and how do our guest fees compare to other area recreation centers?
Vista Ridge HOA Community Center is exclusive to Vista Ridge residents only.  Our guest fee at $3.00 for persons over the age of three is quite low compared to other area recreation centers. Paula Derda Recreation Center in Broomfield charges $4.50 for a day pass and Erie Community Center charges $5.50 for a non resident day pass. Anthem and the Reunion Neighborhood also charges $5.00 per guest to use their facilities.
7.       Are non-residents able to rent the facilities?
Yes non-residents are able to rent out our facilities! For more information, rates and any restrictions that may apply please visit the Community Center Rental Section on our website.
8.      How do I stay connected with the vrcc?
Stay connected by becoming a fan of us on Facebook, visiting us on our website at and by being on the VRCC Email List (we strictly protect your privacy and do not provide your e-mail address to anyone).
9.     How old do we have to be to obtain a VRCC Photo ID card.
All residents 10 years and older must have a VRCC photo ID card.  Please bring this card with you when using the facilities, and pick it up promptly once you have it made. All IDs are $5.00 each.
10.     What are the age restrictions of the workout facilities?
Residents 14 years old and older are able to use our workout facilities. If under 18 a waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian prior to use. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the workout facilities even with a parent.
11.    Does the Community Center take HOA Assessment Fee Payments?
No, all HOA payments need to be sent to:
MSI 11002 Benton Street 
Westminster, CO 80020
you can also call them at 303.420.4433
12.    Who do I contact for HOA covenant issues?
If you have a covenant issue please contact our MSI Community Manager Holly Dennis at 303.420.4433 you can also email her at
13.    Who do I contact with a common area landscaping issue?
If you see a problem with the common area landscaping, i.e. broken sprinkler head, etc. in one of the pocket parks or by the Community Center (not the large park by the Skyline pool) please contact our MSI Community Manager Holly Dennis at 303.420.4433 you can also email her at  For other common areas along Skyline Drive , Mountain View Blvd or Vista Parkway, as well as the community trails, please contact Dan Cordova with the Metro District at 720.384.5909. For more information on the areas that are covered by the Metro District please visit the resource center on our website at